Farmleigh Symposium, 2005

Beech Twist
200 x 200 x 100 approx
Farmleigh Symposium 2005, organised by
Sculpture in Context.
Farmleigh House Collection.

Beech Twist
This sculpture is a large open ring form pinned together with a helix like bolt. Carved from four sections of a mature Beech tree almost 200 years old from within the grounds of Farmleigh House.

The inspiration for this form comes from the wood itself. Despite our perception of the solid nature of beech wood it is actually composed of simple microscopic organic building blocks, it is just a collection of tiny hollow strands.

This form is a search for an expression of the dual nature of plants and beech in particular. Strength and solidity versus the sinuous fragility of any living organism. The working title for this sculpture is Beech Twist.

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